We travel far and near to experience every cold brew and iced coffee that we can get our hands on. We're obsessed with finding the perfect balance of richness and smoothness that a cold coffee should have - regardless of its brewing method. In our explorations so far, we've found that specialty cold brew coffees offer this experience most consistently. 

In an effort to accomplish our mission of delivering the best cold coffee roasts for you to brew at home and enjoy every day, we've established key partnerships with third wave coffee roasters to bring you the freshest and most unique roasts that are perfect for experience cold coffees the way they should be. 

Please visit our shop to experience the best cold brew and iced coffee roasts. 


Established in 2017 at the heart of Silicon Valley in northern California, our mission is to purvey and deliver the world’s best blends for crafting world-class cold and iced coffee roasts to your doorstep. The Cold Coffee Company was founded as an exclusively online coffee company, after being exhausted by coffee shops and the general misunderstanding that any hot-brewed coffee could simply be poured over ice to create “iced coffee”.  We believe that only select blends carry the essential notes and aromas that are necessary for creating the best iced coffee experience - whether it be brewed via iced pour over, a 24 hour immersion cold brew, or one of the many new emerging cold coffee brewing methods.

The Cold Coffee Company partners with key local San Francisco Bay Area and national third wave coffee roasters to insure that only the freshest coffee roasts are delivered to our customers each and every month for their enjoyment.  We invite you to join us on this adventure of ultimately finding the perfect cold coffee roasts!

For inquiries, please contact us at: hello@coldcoffees.co